Personal Nutrition Consulting

Welcome to the end of dieting!

At Nutrition NOLA, you'll be provided with an "all-inclusive" approach to nutrition. This means there is room for everything (yes, everything!) in your diet, and the key is learning how to balance it all. No matter your goal, eating just one specific food or eliminating entire food groups is not the way to achieve it. Maintaining your health and nutrition is about making changes that you can live with on a day-to-day basis.  As is true with life, flexibility is crucial for success.  Here, you'll learn how healthier habits and your lifestyle can naturally coexist.  Because living without the things you love is just dieting.

Contact Lindsay to get more information and become one step closer to reaching your nutrition goals!

What's available?

Nutrition education and counseling, including (but not limited to):

  •    ​​Weight loss/maintenance

  •    Diabetes management

  •    High blood pressure/cholesterol management

  •    Prenatal nutrition

  •    Overall wellness

    Ever feel like you need a personal dietitian to help get you on track? Someone to guide 

    you and give you straight answers to your food and nutrition questions? At Nutrition 

    NOLA, you can receive the kind of individual attention you need to be successful. 

    You'll be provided a practical approach to reach your health and nutrition goals.   

    A trained nutrition professional will not only offer you the tools needed to reach your nutrition 

    goals, but is also available to shop with you, cook with you, and even meet with you in your own 

    home! Whether you're struggling with weight loss or a new medical diagnosis, health issues can be

​    frustrating and easy to ignore.  It's time to ​take action!

Supermarket Tours 

    Healthier eating habits start with your groceries.  Walk aisle-by-aisle, learning how to 

    find your way around tricky advertising claims, how to decipher those confusing food 

    labels, and receive helpful tips for choosing what's right for you and/or your family. 

    These are also fun to do with a friend!

Home Visits

​    Nutrition education shouldn't be confined to an office. Pantry revisions, family sessions, and cooking

    assistance are a sample of the home-based services that can be offered. Sometimes it's just easier to

    learn in a familiar environment. 

Recipe Modifications

​    Have an old recipe that's close to your heart, but not doing it any favors?  Have it 

    modified to be just as delicious, but guilt-free!