Consulting for your business

Skilled Nursing Consulting

    Ensure the proper nutritional care is in place for residents and patients, and that state, 

    federal, and facility-based policies are upheld. 

Hospital and Transitional Care Consulting

    Consultation in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings is available, including (but 

    not limited to) general nutrition, renal nutrition, diabetes education, enteral and parenteral

    nutrition, and employee education.

Menu Reviews and Recipe Analysis

    Services are offered for evaluation of school or other facility menus to determine 

    nutritional value and verify that any nutrition-related regulations are met. For new and 

    existing restaurants, recipe analyses allow you to provide nutrition information to 

    customers about your products.

Corporate Programs

​    Get wellness programs up and running, initiate a group weight loss competition, or 

    provide nutrition counseling sessions to your employees. These types of benefits are 

    attractive for current and potential employees, and ultimately improve your bottom line 

    by keeping staff healthier and happier.